What is the Sakae Japan Internship Program?
The Sakae Japan Internship Program helps students who want to intern in Japan by matching them with companies looking for skilled foreign interns, and providing them with support throughout the application process and duration of their internship. We focus on helping interns build the skills necessary to work in an international environment, and at the same time help Japanese companies enter a more globalized era by bridging the gap between Japan and the rest of the world. Our affiliated companies and intern hosts help arrange and pay for various expenses of all interns, and interns receive support from both their company and the Sakae Japan Internship Program for the entirety of their stay in Japan.

About Our Affiliated Companies
The Sakae Japan Internship Program works directly with companies to make sure that they are willing to work with us to fulfill or goals for interns and their development. As per our standard, each company wishing to host an intern must be willing to provide support for their intern past simple help in the office, and make sure that the intern’s experience is as holistic as possible. We work with a diverse array of companies to make sure that each intern is able to work in the field they wish, so that no students or graduates are forced to choose between working in their field or gaining experience abroad and increasing their language skills.

How are Such Arrangements Possible?
The Sakae Japan Internship Program is hosted by the Sakae Institute for Study Abroad, an educational consulting company which has helped over 10,000 Japanese students find study abroad programs overseas in the 45 years since its founding. Most of these students, after returning to Japan from their stays abroad and going on to work in Japanese companies, regret that Japan is far less diverse and globalized than many other nations, particularly in comparison to the colleges and areas they lived in abroad. By working closely in cooperation with our contacts and former students spread out through numerous industries in Japan, we are able to arrange internships which cover many of the intern’s expenses with the goals of globalizing Japanese industry and developing interns’ skills.

Internships and Beyond
The support that the Sakae Japan Internship Program provides does not end once students finish their internship; through our subsidiary company, Lighthouse Global Inc., interns who wish to work full-time in Japan in the future can receive employment support and services even after their internship is over. Founded by the CEO of our company, Sakae Yoko, Lighthouse Global provides career counseling primarily to Japanese students who have returned from studying at international universities and wish to continue using their English skills in more international companies. Post-internship counseling through Lighthouse Global is also provided at no cost to interns. See more

The first step to having an amazing experience interning in Japan is applying. Upon filling the registration form here, we will be in contact with you directly to begin supporting you in your search for internships in Japan! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, or list them on your registration form.