What kinds of internships are there?
The Sakae Japan Internship Program matches you with an internship based on your own personal circumstances, including what field you would like to work in, and how long you are available for an internship. Internships span across numerous industries including IT, engineering, marketing and finance, education, hospitality, and more. Internship lengths similarly vary, from short-term internships which last between one and three months, as well as long-term internships aimed at recent graduates which last between six months and a year. Based on the information in your registration and your Skype interview, we focus on matching interns with companies within their desired fields that suit them best.

Are there any specific qualifications for applicants?
Generally, in order to be matched with an internship through the Sakae Japan Internship Program, one must be currently enrolled in, or recently graduated from aninternational university. If you have any questions about your particular circumstances and qualifications, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How much do internships typically cost?
While no program fees are ever taken from interns, any coverage of expenses depends completely on the host company and their particular arrangements with the intern. Any expenses incurred beyond what is covered by the host company must be covered personally by the intern.

Is there a program fee?
All matching services, support, and post-internship career counseling provided by the Sakae Japan Internship Program are provided without a program fee. No payments are ever made from the intern to us.

What kinds of documents do I need to submit when applying?
When first filling out your registration here, the only required document is your resume. Should you feel that there are documents which would strongly help your application, you may attach them directly to the registration form.

What should happen should I be involved in an emergency during my internship?
Should any emergencies occur during your internship, please contact our Akasaka office in Tokyo immediately so that we may walk you through what to do next.

When would it be best for me to apply?
When it comes to which companies are accepting applications for interns with relation to how close their start date is, a number of limitations do apply. As a rule of thumb, the further out from your prospective start date that you apply, the better.

When do internships typically start?
The start time and lengths of internships will vary greatly depending on the company and the program you wish to participate in.

I want to go on an internship as soon as possible.
The Sakae Japan Internship Program does provide internship matching services and support for those looking to start as soon as possible. Simply tell us when you would like to intern, and we will do our best to pair you with one of our partner companies. However, note that certain restrictions do apply to situations such as those, especially if you would like to intern for a long period of time.

How should I go about finding housing for the duration of my internship?
The Sakae Japan Internship Program also assists interns with finding housing for the duration of their stay in Japan. Depending on the company, interns may stay in stay in company dorms during their internship.

Am I guaranteed an internship?
The Sakae Japan Internship Program helps match applicants with internship programs, but cannot officially offer applicants a position in any of our affiliated companies. We work with both companies and applicants to make sure that interns are a good fit for companies before they meet, however applicants are still subject to each company’s own interview process, and companies make the final decision on their own. Should an internship not come to fruition even after entering the interview stage, we make sure that applicants are quickly on track to find opportunities at any number of our other affiliated companies.

I am not very fluent in Japanese. Is there still the possibility that I could find an internship?
For many companies, some level of fluency in Japanese is required. However, depending on the company the exact level of fluency necessary can vary greatly, and internships which require no Japanese ability at all do exist. We make a point to ascertain each applicants level of Japanese so that they are never placed in an environment where they are unable to communicate with their peers.

Where should I go to apply?
The first step to applying is filling out our registration form here. After you have submitted your form, we will be in contact with you directly through either email or Skype to further discuss the application process, and begin supporting you.