Step 1 (Registration and Information)
In order to be matched with the company that best suits them and provides them with the best internship experience, potential applicants must out our registration form, which can be found here. Once we have received your submission, we will reach out to you directly through either email or skype to gain any other additional materials which we need, such as a resume or in some cases a transcript, and fully begin our support. However, because what is necessary depends on the applicant, the information required on the initial registration form is preliminary.

Step 2 (Skype Interview)
To better understand which one of our partner company’s internships would suit you best, we will set up a Skype interview. Interviews typically last between 30 minutes and an hour. The Skype interview is also a perfect time to ask any questions you may have about any part of the internship process, so it is best to come with some things in mind. This initial Skype interview is just used to help us better match you with a company, and is not used as part of your official application to any of our partner companies.

Step 3 (Submission of Information and Application)
With all the information we learned from your registration, personal details, and Skype interview in mind, we will begin sending your information to partner companies which we believe are a good match for you. The information we send to companies includes a copy of your resume and a copy of your initial registration form, as well as any other documents which the company may request to better understand you as an applicant. This constitutes your official application to a company, however it is handled purely on our end. Should you have any particular questions about this stage of the process, please be sure to mention them during your Skype interview with your counselor, or at any point via email.

Step 4 (Skype Interview with a Company)
After the companies have received your information, they will begin the process of setting up a Skype interview with you. Depending on the company, the interview will be either in English, Japanese, or a combination of the two. Regardless, we will speak with you beforehand to give you some tips and tools for use in your interview, and to let you know exactly what the company may be expecting to learn from you. Special attention is given to those who are worried about having to interview in Japanese, and we work to make sure they are not caught off guard. For internships where a higher level of Japanese fluency is required, the entire interview may be conducted in Japanese, whereas for companies with lower requirements there may only be a small dialogue or conversation portion to gauge your ability, with the more professional portions of the interview being conducted in English.

Step 5 (Decision)
Depending on the results from the interview, the company will send you an offer, either directly, or through us. At this point, the company has already agreed to fund your travel and housing, so we can begin planning your itinerary and stay should you choose to accept. Depending on the type of internship, including length, payment, etc., residency status in Japan may be required. In such cases, the visa process begins at this point. Visa sponsorship must be done officially through your host company, however the Sakae Japan Internship Program provides support and counseling for the process, as well as liaising between you and your company. In the case of short-term internships (under 90 days) where companies are solely providing airline tickets and housing before the start of your internship, no visa is required. For any specific questions, it is best to contact your local Japanese consulates office or the immigration office here in Japan.

Step 6 (Coming to Japan and Starting Your Internship)
Your internship begins! Our office is located right in the heart of Tokyo in Akasaka, so if you ever are need, you can stop by in person, or call to receive any type of support. We will also periodically check in with you during your internship to make sure that you are not having issues, and proactively provide support rather than reactively.

Step 7 (Exit Interview)
Near the end of your internship or afterwards, we will conduct an exit interview to find out more about your experience and what your internship was like. This is your chance to share what your host company was like, as well as give any testimonials that you wish to. Exit interviews are also a chance for us to find out more about our partner companies gain an extra perspective into what their internships are like, and helps us more accurately match future interns with companies.

Step 8 (Career Counseling)
For those interested in working fulltime in Japan in the future, the Sakae Japan Internship Program also offers the opportunity for interns to be put in contact with a counselor at our subsidiary company, Lighthouse Global Inc., which specializes in finding jobs in Japan for people with degrees from international universities. Counseling and career counseling services through Lighthouse Global are provided at no cost to interns, and further counseling is completely optional for those who are not entirely interested in pursuing a professional career outside of their home country.