Tech Internships are designed for students and recent graduates majoring in areas such as Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, among others.

This program will allow applicants to take the skills learned in university and apply them to real-world situations inside Japanese companies at the forefront of various cutting-edge technologies.

At the end of the program, applicants may be offered a full-time position based upon the results of their internship.



To be eligible, applicants must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Preferably understand an in demand programming language
  • Be a student or recent graduate in a STEM field
  • Be able to participate in an internship at least 2-3 months in length






Example Opportunities

Artificial Intelligence/IoT: 
teamLab Inc.

teamLab is a company driven by the joy and suffering of the creative process. From reference engines to aquariums, they focus on innovation and experimentation to build products that hint at the future of the information age. Comprised of experts from many fields (including programmers, engineers, illustrators, CG animators, and more), teamLab gives artistic expression to clients’ requests for content creation.

Interns will be able to contribute to actual projects through their knowledge in web production, application development, digital space production, UI/UX design, etc. Projects vary from systems design, to corporate branding, to art installation, and more.


Jig-Saw is an automatic internet systems provider for servers, cloud servers, hybrid servers, IoT devices, and more. Clients include major telecommunications carriers, broadcast stations, and security and software companies, as well as small to medium enterprises. By taking advantage of the flexibility and extensibility of their propriety infrastructure tools, Jig-Saw specializes in the development of monthly-billing models and standard stock models.

Interns will work alongside the main project development team, and will receive on-the-job training using in-house developed products and services. Perfect for students interested in networking and the future of networked devices.


*Similar Japanese companies in this category:



Big Data/Data Analysis:

Recruit Communications Co., Ltd.

Recruit Communications provides the forefront in Ad Technology services for a digital marketing world. Recruit engineers, well-versed in data and computer science, regularly implement original algorithms and software into their development process, and manage always-evolving web services. Recruit prides itself on the variety of internal support services it offers to help employees grow and evolve throughout their careers, such as technology workshops, internal/external study groups, and twice a year Dev Camps to work on personal tech projects and ideas.

Hands-on experience with large-scale data and projects from a backend perspective will aid interns in growing their personal experience in a variety of studies without compromise. A focus on new and powerful technologies will help interns gain confidence in their programming and other skills.


*Similar Japanese companies in this category:

UZABASE, Inc・BrainPad Inc.・SOFTBANK TECHNOLOGY CORP.・Medical Data Vision Co., Ltd.・Metaps Inc.


Cyber Security:

Humming Heads Inc.

Humming Heads is a computer security software developer headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Its two major ISO-certified software products, Security Platform and Defense Platform, have been well recognized in the market, protecting more than 1 million PCs at approximately 1,000 companies, government agencies, schools, etc. from cyber-attacks and data leakage for the past 20 years.

Interns will be provided with learn about Humming Heads products in training-like settings, experience building whitelists for Defense Platform, analyze logs with Security Platform and Defense Platform, and more.


*Similar Japanese companies in this category:

Digital Arts Inc.・NS Solutions Corporation・Encourage Technologies Co., Ltd.







*Based on applicant interest, we can approach these companies on the students’ behalf to initiate the internship process.