Hello everyone,

We created the homepage (http://japan-internships.com) for the Sakae Japan Internship program last May, and before we knew it a year has already gone by. We’re very pleased to say that we have already had many applicants.

We have had about 30 students matched with internships, and among them there have been cases where the intern later got hired by their Japanese company.

There were some cases where interns did not get employed due to different reasons such as the times and hours that they hoping to work not matching those that a company required, their interview not going well, or them deciding to change their plans.

Upon reflecting on all that has happened over this past year, we feel motivated to work even harder and do more to support students from all over the world by doing my part to give them a chance to experience Japan.

From here on out, we would like to keep everyone updated with news of our internship program about once every week.

This week, a student from Massachusetts, USA arrived at a Japanese Tech company to start their internship. Their company is right smack in the middle of Tokyo. we think he will be able to gain valuable experience there.

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