Our Vision and Mission


The Sakae Japan Internship Program seeks to help diversify Japanese companies and bring them up to a standard of globalization. Building upon 45 years of educational consulting experience, we aim to support students who wish to bridge the gap between Japan and the rest of the world, and prove their skills in an international environment.

Focused on diversifying Japanese industry and giving international students the opportunity to work within their field in an international environment, the Sakae Japan Internship Program individually matches interns with Japanese companies. By working directly with students and recent graduates to find out what their professional skills, availability, and languages skills are, and directly with companies which would otherwise not be able to look for interns from abroad, the Sakae Japan Internship Program can pair up interns with jobs that are perfectly suited to them. The Sakae Japan Internship Program does not take any program fee for matching interns with companies, and instead simply works to improve interns skills and improve global diversity across Japan. We provide support for our interns starting from the moment they apply, all the way through until after their internship is finished, including helping arrange housing, travel, and visas where necessary.

For more information about what we offer and the application/internship process, see here.

What We Offer


The Sakae Japan Internship Program helps match students with internships that suit them, in the fields they want, and over time periods that work for them.

For your internship and career, we...

• Find companies which suit your skills and experience

• Arrange interviews between you and employer

• Give guidance with regards to your resume

• Give advice on how to interview well with Japanese companies

• Help search for housing in Japan

• Conduct counseling and support on a regular basis


For your stay in Japan, we...

• Help search for housing in Japan

• Help apply for a visa where necessary

• Plan your itinerary and arrival in Japan

• Provide in-person consulting and support at our Tokyo office



1. Registration
In order to be matched with the company that best suits them and provides them with the best internship experience, potential applicants must submit our registration form, which can be found here. Once we have received your submission, we will reach out to you directly through either email or skype and begin our support
2. Skype Interview
To better understand which one of our partner company’s internships would suit you best, we will set up a Skype interview. Interviews typically last between 30 minutes and an hour. The Skype interview is also a perfect time to ask any questions you may have about any part of the internship process.
3. Submission of Information
With all the information we learned from your registration, personal details, and Skype interview in mind, we will begin sending your information to partner companies which we believe are a good match for you. The information we send to companies includes a copy of your resume and a copy of your initial registration form.
4. Interview with a Company
After the companies have received your information, they will begin the process of setting up a Skype interview with you. Depending on the company, the interview will be either in English, Japanese, or a combination of the two. Regardless, we will speak with you beforehand to give you some tips and tools for use in your interview. Special attention is given to those who are worried about having to interview in Japanese, and we work to make sure they are not caught off guard.
5. Decision
Depending on the results from the interview, the company will send you an offer, either directly, or through us. At this point, the company has already agreed to fund your travel and housing, so we can begin planning your itinerary and stay should you choose to accept.
6. Coming to Japan
Your internship begins! Our office is located right in the heart of Tokyo in Akasaka, so if you ever are need, you can stop by in person, or call to receive any type of support.

Companies and Internships


Here at the Sakae Japan Internship program, we take great care in finding the right company in Japan for you to intern at. By approaching internships from both the intern’s and the company’s perspectives, we make sure interns are placed in a field related to their interests or studies, and that they never find themselves in a company or situation where they cannot work and experience Japan properly. Despite Japan being more international than ever, that does not mean all Japanese companies are prepared to host foreign interns.


Although our ultimate goal is to help internationalize and diversify Japanese business, we recognize that process does not necessarily start with hosting interns. As such, we vet each of our partner companies to make sure they have the resources and knowledge to properly accommodate interns who come from different cultures and backgrounds, and speak different languages. While interning in Japan is a great opportunity to learn about Japan and its culture, interns also have the opportunity to challenge Japanese customs and improve Japanese business.


With internships in fields such as business consulting, education consulting, human resources development, web engineering, software programming, real estate, and more, there is no need for students to be forced to choose between interning in a field that interests them and interning in Japan. Based on the information from your registration form and first Skype interview, we search through our affiliated companies to find internships which we think are a good match for you.


Internship and Beyond


For those who come from different cultures and speak different languages, finding employment in Japan can be extremely complicated and difficult to understand. Moreover, beginning the Japanese job-hunting process while one is still studying in school can be a nearly insurmountable task. We here at the Sakae Japan Internship Program provide support to help smooth over that process for those who wish to work in Japan after their internships, and do so at no cost.

Once your internship has been completed, the Sakae Japan Internship Program continues to support you, helping you apply the skills and experience gained through your internship to your job search in Japan.


For currently enrolled students:

For many students, finishing their internships here in Japan means going back to their home country to finish their degree at their home university. In these cases, interviewing in person and job-hunting in Japan is typically not possible simply due to the intern’s circumstances. However, through helping search for companies which suit the intern, arranging Skype interviews, and providing support for when interns return to Japan, the Sakae Japan Internship Program is able to stay with interns and see them through to their employment.


For recent graduates:

For those who have completed internships, received their degrees, and are ready to immediately begin the job-hunting process in Japan, the Sakae Japan Internship Program is prepared to be with you every step of the way. In some cases, it is even possible to find employment right with the company at which one interned. From helping search for suitable companies to arranging interviews, the Sakae Japan Internship Program provides support in numerous ways.



Contact Us


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, or would like to supplement your application with any additional material or information, please feel free to contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.